Sprint Planning and Release Workshop


Category Agile Training
Price €500
Location Antwerpen
Language English
Trainer Pramod Dhakal
Duration 1 day
Time 9AM -5PM
Lunch Provided
In-Company Available
Certification No

The most important element of implementing agile in organization is about the value delivery. The rate at which we were used to deliver value in the past was slow. We want to improve the value delivery to the end users. We want to help the team to have fun while building products at the same time have a focus on the end goal for each sprint. We engage the participants with some real useful case of how a vision can be interpreted on every sprint. After the end of every sprint the team can deliver product increment.December Backlog refinement is often misunderstood or ignore we help participants to realize the need more explicitly.

Participants Will Learn

  • How to plan and initiate a project using a scrum framework.
  • What business value really is?
  • Can we run project without estimation?
  • Various forms of estimation
  • Does velocity really matter?
  • Role of DevOps in Modern Agile.
  • How to engage stakeholders in your project.
  • Risk Dependencies and how we deal with it.
  • Refactoring and why it’s necessary.
  • Continuous delivery
  • Sprint release / daily release / Or whenever the team wants to 😊
  • What DONE really should be.

Pramod Dhakal is an Agile coach with background on working with various web application. This workshop should help business owners / product owners to keep the strategic goals at heart while going into each sprint.