Agile Acceleration Workshop


Category Agile Training, Business Agility
Price Ask
Language English
Trainer Arik Diamant
Duration 4 Day
Certification Yes

Executive Summary

True knowledge is acquired through practice. We're offering an Agile Acceleration package of 4 days: 2 days of agile training in a classroom + 2 days coaching at the customer's offices.

The Training

Can be any one of the following or a mix of up to 2.
  • General agile training
  • Scrum master
  • Agile QA
  • Agile Executive / Product Owner / Agile HR
  • SAFe certifying training

The Coaching

At the client’s office we drill down into:
  • "Pains" session with management
  • Define goals and KPI’s for the week, month, quarter and project
  • Attend Team meetings with the customer staff at all levels: Executives / Team Leaders / Team Members
  • 1*1 coaching sessions with selected employees
  • Hands-on work- breaking down user stories / building product roadmap / running scrum ceremonies etc...
  • Process Analysis and recommendations

The Benefits

Our goal is to Kick off / Accelerate the clients' agile implementation. The combination of training and real hands-on work allows students to practice what they learned, get feedback from the trainer, experiment safely trying new ways of working. We believe companies following this program are more likely to succeed in their agile implementation.